Education is key to ending animal cruelty. Much of the animal abuse and exploitation in today’s world continues because of simple lack of awareness.

ACRES regularly gives presentations at educational and corporate facilities all over Singapore. We also offer educational programmes at the ACRES Wildlife Rescue Centre (AWRC), and welcome groups of up to 50 individuals for a presentation and tour of the facility which includes the Lee Foundation Education Centre, Outdoor Conservation Classroom and Wildlife Sanctuary.

Our educational talks raise awareness on a wide range of pressing animal protection issues and advocate compassion and respect towards animals:

– Animals as Sentient Beings
– Endangered Animals
– Wildlife Trade
– Making a Difference for Animals
– General ACRES Presentation
– Our Native Wildlife
– and more…

For the little ones at kindergartens, we also offer specialised presentations and activities.

Kindly email our Education Executive, Edwina, at reserve an educational programme with us.

For a private tour at the AWRC, email us to reserve an appointment. A minimum donation of $10 per person will be requested for the tour.

If you are interested in doing a student project with us, please email Edwina at