Having Corporate Conscience

ACRES is the only local non-profit organisation that has brought to light the plight of animals that are not typically household names. We are in a constant need and look out for organisations to come forward to work with and support us. These are various meaningful ways for your organisation to not only help to sustain but propel and grow our animal protection movement to the next level.

If you would like to support us as a corporate group, please email fundraising@acres.org.sg. As a non-profit charity for animal protection in Singapore, your contribution is critical to our fundraising which greatly helps us continue the work we do. Corporate donations, as well as individual (personal) donations are eligible for 250% tax deductions.

Our CSR programmes empower employees to do good to help animals in distressed, gain insightful awareness and valuable knowledge on animal protection and bond through volunteering with us.

We have since worked with various organisations from a wide range of industries, including Apple (Singapore), CISCO, Deutsche Bank, TATA Communications and more for our CSR programmes.

Our CSR programmes utilise the government initiative: BIPS.

With BIPS, businesses will enjoy a 250% tax deduction on qualifying expenditure incurred when they send their employees to volunteer and provide services to Institutions of a Public Character (IPCs), including secondments. You can read more here.

Click here to view our CSR programmes packages deck.

We often engage in collaborations that bring in partnerships from organisations that align with ACRES’ animal protection values, for our events, projects or activities. ACRES is grateful to many such meaningful collaborations such as adding a plant-based dish permanently into a F&B menu, sponsoring vegan wine at our fundraising gala or designing a sustainable merchandise item with % proceeds to ACRES. These collaborations can range from product launches, to expertise/skills support, financial help or in-kind sponsorship.

Please email fundraising@acres.org.sg if you have any ideas/queries, we’d be excited to have a conversation!

For organisations which encounter wildlife – outdoors, cleaning & maintenance, securities and properties companies, town councils and estates management etc.

ACRES strongly believes that community involvement and people empowerment are the keys to creating a better world for both animals and humans. Through our Wildlife Etiquette Sharing Sessions, we will equip your residents, staff, and contractors with:

(1) the understanding of Singapore’s most commonly encountered native wild animals, and

(2) the ‘Dos and Don’ts’ when they come across wild animals in the capacity of their work to minimise negative incidents resulting from human-wildlife conflict.

Some of the organisations that have engaged us for our Wildlife Etiquette Sharing Sessions and meaningful learning journeys/workshops include: Outward Bound Singapore (OBS), Singapore Power Pte Ltd (SP), Housing Development Board (HDB), Land Transport Authority (LTA), People’s Association (PA), and academic institutions such as National University of Singapore (NUS) and Nanyang Technological University (NTU).

Click here for our Wildlife Etiquette Sharing Sessions packages or contact us at fundraising@acres.org.sg 

You can also chose to contribute via a lump sum donation, by corporate matching or from organising fundraising events internally in your company.

All donations will qualify for a 250% tax exemption. Donation $5,000 and above will be acknowledged in our e-newsletter. Corporate donations, as well as individual (personal) donations are eligible for 250% tax deductions.