ACRES (Animal Concerns Research and Education Society), is a registered charity and Institution of Public Character (IPC), founded by Singaporeans in 2001.

Our Vision

A world where animals are treated with compassion and respect.

Our Mission

To create a caring and socially responsible society where animals are treated as sentient beings.

Our Ambition

To drive forward a collaborative and sustainable animal protection movement in Asia.

Our Objectives

  • To foster respect and compassion for all animals.
  • To improve the living conditions and welfare of animals in captivity.
  • To educate people on lifestyle choices which do not involve the abuse of animals and which are environment-friendly.

ACRES is an animal protection organisation, driven by our concern for animals. We adopt research projects on the use of animals in various fields. Research findings are then used to educate the public to promote active community involvement in the animal protection movement, as well as strive towards synergistic partnerships with authorities and related parties.

We strongly believe in promoting community involvement in addressing animal protection issues and in building partnerships with all related bodies to improve animal welfare.

In all projects undertaken

  • We aim for the research to result in practical changes for the animals.
  • Our approach is Scientific, Creative, Practical and Positive.

ACRES was registered as a society on 24th May 2001 (Registration No.: 0176/2001). It was registered under the Charities Act on 11th January 2005 (Registration No.: 1849) and registered as an Institution of Public Character on 1st June 2007 (Registration no. IPC000559).