Support Needed

In the past year, our amazing volunteers clocked over 11,265 hours; our education team were directly involved with 80 student projects, and reached out to over 20,000 individuals, through over 93 roadshows and talks; our rescue team handled 18,528 calls to our hotline, leading to rescue of over 4,544 wild animals in distress. Our Animal Crime Investigation Unit (ACIU) handled over 290 cases related to wildlife trade and cruelty and the wildlife management team engaged community through over 630 cases of human-wildlife conflict in Singapore.

We want to do more. We want to continue on our mission to end animal cruelty, and be there for any animal that needs us. But the more we help, the more it costs.

Your valuable donation will help animals in numerous ways; including directly saving lives. If you would like to learn more about how to support the cause and projects, please write to

Donations are eligible for a 250% tax deduction. To qualify for tax deduction, please provide the correct Tax Reference Numbers (NRIC/FIN/UEN) when making the donation or by emailing with the information. More information can be found at our FAQ section below, including ACRES’ privacy policy.

Issuance of Donation Receipts:

As part of efforts to reduce environmental impact, issuance of physical donation receipts will cease with effect from 2023 and replaced by e-receipts. Kindly provide your email address to receive your e-receipts.


Monthly contributions allow us to plan, safe in the knowledge that funds are there when needed. A monthly donation, within your means, will make a huge difference for the animals.

  • $10 a month can provide enrichment for animals at the ACRES Wildlife Rescue Centre (AWRC)
  • $20 a month can fund an outreach event on animal cruelty
  • $50 a month can fund a whole day of wildlife rescue
  • $100 a month can cover medical costs for a rescued animal
  • $500 a month can fund undercover animal crime investigations

Download this form, print, complete, sign, and mail it to: ACRES, 91 Jalan Lekar, Singapore 698917.


You can donate online via:

Please make your cheque payable to “ACRES” and mail it to: ACRES, 91 Jalan Lekar, Singapore 698917

PAYNOW to: UEN: T01SS0121K


Animal Concerns Research and Education Society
OCBC Bank Limited Singapore
Account no.: 522-096122-001
Bank Code: 7339 Branch Code: 522


For tax deduction and receipt, email the following details:





The ACRES wildlife sanctuary holds over 150 exotic animals, the majority of whom were smuggled here, under cruel conditions, as part of the illegal pet trade. Now that they’re here, they need support – can you give these victims a lifeline?

For $30 a month, you’ll support them day to day, providing for their food, shelter and care that they need.

To sign up via credit card:

To receive the items below, complete the WSS Sign-Up form and send it to

  • 250% tax deduction
  • E-Certificate
  • Complimentary Tour of ACRES
  • Subscription to quarterly newsletter & E-letters every 2 months

Love animals? Want to do more to help them? Start a fundraiser today to advocate for animal protection!

By planning and executing your own fundraiser, you can touch countless animals’ lives and champion animal welfare in your community.

Some fundraising ideas include vegan bake sales, taking part in sporting events and special occasions gifting (like birthdays, graduations, weddings & anniversaries) – the possibilities are endless!

Here are some previous fundraisers by our awesome supporters:

You can make your fundraising fuss-free by doing it online on or!

If you have any questions, please contact


A legacy gift is a planned monetary gift to a charity or cause that you are passionate about. Through your gift, you can help countless animals lead better lives, building a more caring and compassionate society, far beyond your lifetime. Your legacy will provide invaluable support for our programmes, empowering us to continue promoting animal welfare for many years to come.

Legacy gifts can include:

You may include ACRES in your nomination by setting aside a specific sum of money. Should you wish to make a bequest, it is strongly advisable to contact a lawyer to draft a will. This makes sure that any changes made to your will are legally valid. Our nomination details are as follows: 

Name of nominee: Animal Concerns Research and Education Society

UEN: T01SS0121K

Mailing address: 91, Jalan Lekar, Singapore 698917.

You may include ACRES in your CPF nomination. More details can be found on the CPF websiteKindly fill in the following information in the CPF nomination form.

Name of nominee: Animal Concerns Research and Education Society

UEN: T01SS0121K

Mailing address: 91, Jalan Lekar, Singapore 698917.

You can also make a donation in memory of a loved one or as a condolence gift in the name of a departed. If you would like to make a Memorial Gift, please email the following information to

  • Your full name
  • Full name of the person being remembered
  • Name and postal or email address of the person to be notified about this gift

We will send a personalized letter to the recipient to acknowledge the Memorial Gift.

Donation FAQs

Yes, donations to ACRES are eligible for 250% tax deduction.

For example, if you donate $100 to ACRES, $250 will be deducted from your taxable income (not your final tax amount).

Individuals and businesses must provide your tax reference number (NRIC/FIN/UEN) in order to be given tax deductions on your donation. You do not need to declare the donation amount in your income tax return. Your donation details will given to IRAS and the tax deductible for your donations will be automatically reflected in your tax assessments.

You may either provide your tax reference number (i.e. NRIC/FIN/UEN) when making the donation or you may email with your NRIC/FIN/UEN details to submit for tax deduction.

Donations without tax reference number or which are incomplete / invalid are considered non-tax deductible unless requested otherwise.

Please ensure your donation and details reach us by 30 Dec 2023 for tax deduction to be allowed in your tax assessment for the Year of Assessment (YA) 2023.​

To comply with the Personal Data Protection Commission (PDPC) guidelines, your full NRIC/FIN will only be collected if you require tax deduction for your donation. Should you not wish to receive tax deduction, you will not be required to submit your NRIC/FIN.

We value your support and ensure that your donations are used wisely. In past years, 86% of our expenditure went directly to our animal protection programmes, as per our financial reports.

When dealing with your personal information, we observe our obligations under the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA), as well other relevant legislation. ACRES’s PDPA Privacy Policy aims to help you understand how we will collect, use, disclose and protect your personal data. Details can be found here.

We understand that estate planning is a private matter and it is your choice. However, if you wish, you can let us know of your intention to leave a legacy to ACRES. It would allow us to thank you and we can include your support in our long-term planning.