Wild Second Chances‘ is about giving rescued wildlife a second chance.

This year, we aim to raise $300,000 to allow us to:

a) Expand ACRES Sanctuary

ACRES is home to over 100 other victims of the illegal wildlife trade, many of whom are not fortunate enough to return back to the wild. To enhance their living conditions, we are embarking on a significant project to repurpose our land previously deemed unusable after toxic contamination by contractors. This revitalised space will also provide a larger outdoor environment for rehabilitating rescued native wildlife.

b) Continue To Send Non-Native Rescued Wild Animals Home

At ACRES, we believe that wild animals belong in the wild. Where possible, we return these wildlife to their natural habitats, where they can truly thrive. With experience gained from our 2018 landmark repatriation of 50 Indian Star tortoises, we are now more than determined to begin the process to repatriate another 20 over Indian Star tortoises in 2024.

Without fail, at the crack of dawn, the unrelenting call of the Asian Koel fills the air in Singapore.

We are borrowing the infamous “Uwu” call of the Asian Koel to give the first shout out for our charity gala.

From 1 April, all donations will be matched 1 to 1 by the Tote Board. We would appreciate it deeply if you could help us achieve the matching.

Educational Tours

If you are looking to visit us for an educational private tour (for a donation), kindly write to us at to make an appointment and we will get back to you within three working days.

We are currently operating on a lean team so we seek your understanding that we are unable to engage with walk-in tours at the moment.

For corporate partnerships/group volunteering, please contact Ram at