ACRES supporters, with us every step of the way, have made wonderful things possible for animals great and small since ACRES was founded in 2001.

Here are some of the achievements for the animals that, together, we can be very proud of:


  • ACRES launches the Animal Crime Investigation Unit (ACIU), the first of its kind in Singapore.
  • The ACIU carried out undercover investigations on 42 pet shops and farms to assess the welfare standards of the pets sold.
  • The unit also carried out undercover investigations on 150 jewellery and antique shops to assess levels of illegal trade in tiger parts.
  • As a result of their work, effective action has been taken against those found to be breaking the law when it comes to animal welfare and protection.

Action was taken against companies and individuals who flout the current laws of animal welfare and protection.


  • In response to growing human-macaque conflict in residential areas, ACRES establishes the first ever Monkey Guards programme as an ethical alternative to culling.
  • ACRES successfully implements techniques at several condominiums to reduce human-macaque conflict, without people – or monkeys – getting hurt.

Residents were taught ways on how to prevent human-macaque conflicts, by our Monkey Guards team.


  • ACRES campaigns for the 27 wild-caught dolphins acquired by Resorts World Sentosa for their new attraction to be sent back to the Solomon Islands for release back into the wild.
  • Entitled “Save The World’s Saddest Dolphins”, more than 650,000 people supported this campaign by attending our concerts, film screenings, dialogue sessions, media events, and joining the online campaign.

4 wild-caught dolphins have died in the care of Resorts World Sentosa.


  • ACRES hosts the Asia for Animals (AFA) Conference for the second time, welcoming over 390 delegates from 26 countries and 207 organisations to Singapore for the largest ever AFA to date.
  • Organised by Chong Pang CC YEC, in partnership with ACRES, the “Youth Forum on Animal Welfare – Animals Matter to Me!” in February is a first-of-its-kind forum in Singapore for youths to give constructive feedback to MPs from the Sembawang GRC and help shape animal welfare policies in Singapore. We are delighted to welcome Dr. Mohamad Maliki Bin Osman (Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of National Development) and Dr. Lim Wee Kiak to this inaugural event.
  • Our undercover investigation into the illegal trade in tiger parts reveals a significant trade in alleged tiger parts at jewellery stores throughout Singapore and results in the largest ever seizure of alleged tiger parts by the authorities in Singapore.
Largest ever seizure of alleged tiger parts in Singapore following an ACRES investigation.
Youth Forum on Animal Welfare.


  • Following our extensive survey of welfare standards at 39 zoos in Peninsular Malaysia, ACRES embarks on a major project – the Malaysia Zoo Animal Welfare Programme – to improve zoo animal welfare in Malaysia by engaging Malaysian NGOs, the zoo industry and the government.
  • ACRES holds the first ever gathering for an animal issue at Speakers Corner in April. The “When Sharks Die, The Oceans Die” event draws attention to the catastrophic impacts of the shark fin trade on marine ecosystems using a giant “Jenga” demonstration- clearly illustrating how when sharks disappear, the entire marine ecosystem will collapse.
  • Sharks continue to be in the spotlight as ACRES launches a number of initiatives to raise awareness about the impact of the shark fin trade on shark welfare, shark conservation and the health of the oceans. In celebration of World Animal Day, ACRES invites Singaporeans to “Break the Tradition, Spare the Sharks”, symbolically breaking a soup bowl in pledging to leave sharks fin out of their diet.
  • On the 9th of August, the ACRES Wildlife Rescue Centre officially opens its doors and begins its vital rescue and rehabilitation work for animals rescued from the illegal wildlife trade and native wild animals in need of help.
Offical opening of the ACRES Wildlife Rescue Centre (AWRC) – Singapore’s first dedicated wildlife rescue centre.


  • The ACRES HEAL: Humane Education for All Life Programme makes it debut. HEAL is an engaging humane education programme designed especially for primary school children, instilling in them compassion and respect for all animals, people and the environment and inspiring them to make a positive difference in society.
  • ACRES, together with NUS (National University of Singapore), organises Singapore’s first ever Singapore Animal Welfare Symposium (SAWS) – the first ever national symposium dedicated to animal welfare. The Symposium is a platform for various local animal interest groups and the general public to gather and discuss issues affecting domestic and wild animals, as well as those exploited on an industrial scale.
  • ACRES launches the “Animal Protectors Grant”, an exciting new scheme by which groups with a passion to make a difference for animals in Singapore can apply for grants to start their projects. Eight Animal Protectors Grants are awarded in 2008, for a range of projects including producing educational children’s books on animal protection, making a documentary on animal welfare, raising public awareness on the illegal wildlife trade and sterilising stray cats.
  • We conduct our first survey of animal welfare standards at major zoos in Malaysia and Singapore and are delighted when Zoo Negara implements many of our recommendations to improve the welfare of the animals there, including stopping the elephant shows and releasing the elephants from their chains.
  • ACRES holds our first ever capacity-building workshop on zoo animal welfare in Malaysia.
First ever Singapore Animal Welfare Symposium and launch of the Animal Protectors Grant.
Launch of the HEAL Programme for primary schools.


  • ACRES launches the ACRES and STOC Endangered Species Labelling Scheme, a collaboration with the Singapore TCM Organisations Committee (STOC) to wipe out the trade in endangered species for Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in Singapore.
  • ACRES is granted the Institution of Public Character (IPC) status, effective from June 1st 2007. This is a real breakthrough for us and a sign that the work of ACRES is valued by the government and is recognised as having benefits for the community.
  • ACRES Executive Director, Louis Ng, receives the TOYP (The Outstanding Young Persons (TOYP) of Singapore Award in recognition of his contribution to society through his work with ACRES.
Label displayed by shops that sign up for the ACRES & STOC Endangered Species-Friendly Labelling Scheme.


  • In January, after years of campaigning by ACRES, the Endangered Species (Import and Export) Act is repealed and re-enacted. The changes strengthen penalties for trading in or owning endangered species and give more enforcement powers to the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) to tackle the illegal wildlife trade.
  • ACRES continues to work towards improving the living conditions of the polar bears at the Singapore Zoo and the phasing out of the keeping of polar bears in tropical climates, and is delighted when the Singapore Zoo announces that they will not acquire any more Arctic animals in the future.
  • ACRES expands our zoo animal welfare work to Japan, where, after conducting investigations in the welfare of polar bears, we work with the zoos to improve the welfare of the bears. We begin raising awareness on captive polar bear welfare at various international conferences.
  • Thanks to the generous support of ACRES supporters, especially the late M K Ramachandran, we are able to send Asha the rhesus macaque, who was found illegally being kept as a pet in Singapore, on her way to a better life in her home country of India.
  • ACRES joins the global “Animals Matter to Me” campaign, calling for a Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare (UDAW). The campaign, initiated by WSPA (World Society for the Protection of Animals), is supported by animal protection groups all over the world. Tens of thousands of Singaporeans have since supported the campaign, declaring “Animals Matter to Me!”
  • Our second undercover investigation into the illegal trade in bear parts at TCM shops reveals a dramatic drop in trade. However, 20% of shops surveyed were selling alleged bear products and, as a direct result of the investigation, six shops were fined under the Endangered Species (Import and Export) Act 2006 (ESA) and seventeen shops were given warning letters, sending a strong message that this illicit trade will not be tolerated.
  • In October, ACRES acquires the land on which to build Singapore’s first dedicated wildlife rescue centre.
The Singapore Zoo agrees to no longer bring in Arctic animals.


  • ACRES hosts the Asia for Animals Conference- Asia’s largest and most dynamic animal protection conference.
  • Our undercover investigation into the illegal exotic pet trade reveals one in five pet shops in Singapore selling prohibited species and raises much-needed awareness on this problem. The resulting nationwide crackdown on this illicit trade and confiscations of scores of animals puts a big dent in the illegal exotic pet trade in Singapore and sends a strong deterrent message to would-be offenders.
  • ACRES congratulates the Singapore Zoo for taking the progressive step of ending the circus-style animals shows, which ACRES had previously raised our concerns about in meetings with the zoo.
A star tortoise rescued from a nationwide crackdown on the illegal exotic pet trade.


  • ACRES repatriates Blue the vervet monkey to the Munda Wanga sanctuary in Zambia- the first ever repatriation of a rescued primate from Singapore.
  • We launch our “Wild but not Free” campaign, highlighting the critical issue of the illegal wildlife trade, which is a major problem in Singapore and throughout Asia.
  • ACRES launches our 24-Hour Wildlife Crime Hotline (97837782), for members of the public to blow the whistle on those illegally trading in or owning wild animals and their parts. Since its launch, hundreds of wild animals have been rescued by ACRES, and several individuals illegally trading in wild animals and wild animal products have been brought to task.
  • ACRES organises an overseas expedition for Singaporean youths to the Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Centre in Cambodia, to refurbish their Education Centre and assist with taking care of the rescued wild animals there.
  • ACRES hold discussions with the Singapore Zoo with regard to improving the living conditions of the polar bears held there and is pleased when some improvements are made.
Blue, back home in Africa!


  • ACRES “Suffering not smiling” campaign to free the wild-caught ‘pink’ Indo-Pacific humpbacked dolphins from Dolphin Lagoon, Sentosa, highlights the plight of captive dolphins and gains much media coverage.
  • Blue the vervet monkey, who was found being illegally kept as a pet in Singapore, becomes the first illegally-held wild animal to be confiscated as a direct result of ACRES’ work.
  • Our second undercover investigation into the illegal wildlife trade this time puts the spotlight on the trade in tiger parts in Singapore. Alleged tiger parts are found illegally on sale in Traditional Chinese Shops and the evidence is submitted to the authorities.
Suffering, Not Smiling campaign.


  • We once again take to the road, embarking on awareness roadshows on the issues of Cruelty-Free Living and Responsible Pet Ownership at public venues throughout Singapore.
  • ACRES, together with other NGOs from across Asia, campaign to end the cruel dog and cat meat trade in Korea.
  • Our investigations and positive collaborations with zoos result in great improvements to the living conditions of chimpanzees at zoos in Malaysia, Indonesia and China, The chimpanzees who had been found living in wholly substandard conditions, had been sent to these zoos by the Singapore Zoo. After meeting with us to discuss our concerns, we were pleased when the Singapore Zoo assured us that they would improve their animal exchange protocol.
Our Cruelty-Free Living roadshow.


  • ACRES is founded and officially registered as a Society on the 24th of May.
  • Our undercover investigation into the illegal bear bile trade, revealing a thriving illegal trade in alleged bear bile products in Singapore, marks the beginning of ACRES’ groundbreaking efforts to wipe out the wildlife trade here. Prosecutions of those involved, as a direct result of our work, send a strong message to the other traders to stop this illegal activity. Media coverage raises awareness on this important issue.
  • Together with a mechanical life-like bear, ACRES travels all over Singapore to raise awareness of the cruel bear bile farming industry, resulting in hundreds of people pledging to never take bear bile medicines.
  • Our Animal-Friendly Tourism campaign puts the spotlight on the widespread problem of animals being cruelly exploited for tourism for the first time in Singapore.