Job openings with ACRES


If your dream is to speak up for animals and give them a voice, then we want to hear from you!

We are looking for passionate individuals with a drive to make a difference for animals to join our team. If you are looking for a fulfilling job through which you will make this world a better place, please read on to find out about available positions.

The positions are only open to Singaporeans and Singapore PR holders and Dependant’s Pass holders.

We regret that only shortlisted candidates will be notified.

[FULL-TIME] Veterinarian

Job description:

ACRES wildlife recovery and rehabilitation facility handles over 10 diverse cases (on an average a day) of rescued wild animals, who may be injured from window collisions, animal attacks, traffic accidents, poisoning, glue trap and other accidents. The focus at this facility is to stabilise, manage and treat these wild animals, aiming for recovery and release back to the wild at the soonest possible. Welfare of these wild animals is of prime importance, keeping handling to the minimum and observation to the maximum.

We are seeking a dedicated and motivated individual for the position of the veterinarian– who will work with ACRES’s veterinary nurse to care for the wild animals under treatment. They will work a roster of 5-day work week including weekends. Night shifts to feed nocturnal animals may be required when there are nocturnal animals under our care.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • To be able to triage rescued wildlife for signs of distress, disease or injury and provide immediate medical care as well as long term care for the animals.
  • Perform surgeries and minor procedures.
  • Manage the health of over 200 animals rescued from the illegal.wildlife trade that are housed at ACRES.
  • ensure veterinary protocols and biosecurity measures are adhered to
  • Ensure that veterinary and health-check records are maintained.
  • Ensure that the treatment room and stocklist is maintained with proper records and veterinary supplies are stocked as required.
  • Assist with emergency rescue (field) operations as required.
  • Check enclosures and cages for signs of wear and tear / damage.
  • Prepare food, feed and provide enrichment for the animals.
  • Clean enclosures and cages.
  • Perform final round for end-of-day inspection (animal checklist and housekeeping).
  • Work with volunteers and interns.


  • Degree in Veterinary Science or Veterinary Medicine
  • Previous clinical experience preferred.
  • Able to work with wild animals such as tortoises, turtles, lizards, snakes, bats and birds.
  • Able to work weekend days, public holidays as per roster.
  • Meticulous and animal-welfare oriented.

Monthly salary: $2,260 (excluding bonus)

Interested candidates, please email your cover letter and CV to We regret to inform that only short-listed candidates will be informed.

Campaign Manager for Our Wild Neighbours initiative

The Our Wild Neighbours (OWN) initiative is the first nation-wide collaboration between various stakeholders in Singapore focusing on human-wildlife coexistence. The objectives are to empower individuals in Singapore with knowledge on human-wildlife etiquette and coexistence, and spotlight local wildlife rehabilitation and rescue efforts. The OWN Campaign Manager is responsible for planning and coordinating programmes under this initiative. The OWN Campaign Manager will be based in ACRES and report to the Co-CEO of ACRES’s advocacy arm. The campaign manager will also work closely with the OWN initiative’s core committee members (ACRES, Mandai Nature, NParks and Otter Working Group) and present periodic updates to all members of the OWN initiative.

• Plan and implement OWN initiative’s programmes
• Coordinate, plan and execute OWN initiative’s events
• Coordinate and engage volunteers for the OWN initiative’s programmes
• Develop and publish written and visual content for OWN initiative’s publicity
• Write sponsorship proposals to relevant stakeholders and engage them to hold outreach events
• Liaise with external vendors for awareness campaigns
• Ensure that the OWN Website is kept updated and maintained
• Coordinate meetings to periodically update the OWN members
• Prepare progress reports for all stakeholders

• Experience in project management, relevant to outreach
• Passionate about wildlife protection and community engagement
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills
• Basic knowledge and experience in using design software
• Ability to work well with different stakeholders
• Good understanding of local wildlife protection issues an advantage
• Experience in marketing and grasp of social media strategies an advantage
• Ability to perform weekend duties when required

Gross salary: $3,000 before CPF deductions

Able to start on 1st February 2023. This position’s period is until 31st January 2024, with a possibility of extension.

Working hours Mon-Fri 9:30am to 5pm; Report at ACRES office (91 Jalan Lekar, S 698917). May be required to work on weekends for outreach events. Only Singaporeans/PRs may apply.

How to apply:
Please email your cover letter, portfolio and CV to
Candidates must include two references in their application. Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.

Closing date for this position: 20th Dec 2022.

[FULL-TIME] Wildlife Rescue Officer

Job description:

ACRES wildlife recovery and rehabilitation facility handled over 18,000 calls to our hotline in 2021. The steadily increasing number of calls means that we need more resources on the ground to attend to more wild animals in need. You will be involved in rescuing wild animals and relocating where necessary as per ACRES’s Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). You will also be required to help at our Wildlife Rescue Centre as well.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Respond to calls to our rescue hotline.
  • Perform daily animal care duties e.g. cleaning enclosures, preparing food, providing enrichment.
  • Assist with handling of rescued wild animals for treatment procedures.
  • Complete records and forms concerning rescue cases and daily activities.
  • Liaise with relevant authorities for release and transfer of animals and wildlife rehabilitation protocols.


  • Class 3 driving license.
  • Physically fit to work long hours, up to 32 hours per shift.
  • Able to work weekend days, public holidays and night duties as per roster.
  • Able to work with wild animals such as tortoises, turtles, lizards, snakes, mammals, and birds.
  • Professional in communicating with members of the public.
  • Singaporean/PR.

Monthly salary: $1,660 (probation), $1,910 (post-probation)*. Please email your cover letter and CV to We regret to inform that only short-listed candidates will be informed.

*Amounts are before CPF deduction and bonus (subject to performance).

[FULL-TIME] Animal Crime Investigation Officer

Job description:

The ACRES Animal Crime Investigation Unit (ACIU) works on tackling the illegal wildlife trade and animal cruelty cases in Singapore. We receive in average 20 cases a month related to the illegal wildlife trade, poaching, animal cruelty and poor welfare to wild animals and companion animals. With a focus on long-term impact on living conditions and welfare of animals, the ACIU carries out investigations, educational efforts and works together with the government agencies and other stakeholders.

Roles and responsibilities:
• Investigate feedback received from members of the public through site visits
• Maintain ACIU’s databases with case information and periodic updates
• Carry out projects related to ACIU’s campaigns on animal welfare and illegal wildlife trade; This involves surveys, data collection, analyses and report writing
• Develop written content for ACRES’s social media posts where required
• Work with volunteers and interns for ACIU’s projects
• Assist with educational efforts through roadshows where required
• Assist with ACRES’s outreach and fundraising programmes as and when required

• Meticulous and animal-welfare oriented
• Communication skills to work as a team
• Good spoken and written skills in English
• Able to work on weekends and public holidays when required
• Class 3A driving license an advantage
• 5 days working week; working hours: 9:30am – 5pm
• Physically fit
• Able to handle sensitive and confidential information
• Only Singaporeans and PRs may apply

Monthly salary: $1,580 before CPF deductions during 3 months’ probation, after which $1,780 before bonus and CPF deductions. Interested candidates, please email your cover letter and CV to Ms Priya at  We regret to inform that only short-listed candidates will be informed.

(Posted 23 Jun 2022)

[FULL-TIME] Social Media & Design Executive 

Job description:

The Social media and design executive will report to the Co-CEO of Advocacy department directly.

You will help progress the animal welfare movement through engagement of our supporters by providing updates from our focus areas. As a social media and design executive, you play an important and creative role by bringing our work updates to the forefront of the movement through your writing and storytelling, creating an experience and effecting change to public so they are empowered to help animals. You will also manage operations and strategise online collateral whilst maintaining the brand and organisational culture.

Roles and Responsibilities:

    • In-house design for organisation’s collateral and merchandise.
    • Content creation for social media platforms, schedule and monitor audience engagement.
    • Manage and keep ACRES website updated and secure.
    • Carry out monthly social media and website analytics.
    • Photography and videography/production for the organisation’s visuals.
    • Assist with fundraising programmes and outreach events as required.


    • Educational qualification and work experience in digital marketing and graphic design an advantage.
    • Social media savvy.
    • Passionate about making a difference for animals and the community.
    • Able to work Mon-Fri and able to commit at least for a year, preferably longer.
    • Must have flexible and engaging writing skills in English.
    • Ability to keep abreast of trends on social media platforms, pertinent to the cause.
    • Knowledge of animal protection issues an advantage
    • Able to start immediately.

Monthly salary: $1,580 during 3 months’ probation $1,580 before CPF; $1,780 before CPF after probation, and eligible for quarterly bonus.

Our work premises complies with Covid-19 regulations, and you will be required to work at the office at least 3 days a week. Only Singaporeans and PRs may apply for this position. Interested and suitable candidates, please email your cover letter, CV and a writing sample to We regret to inform that only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

(Posted 23 Jan 2022)

[FULL-TIME] Education Executive

Job description:

You will be one of the public faces of the organisation. As part of the Education Team you will advance ACRES’ work with local wildlife and advocacy for cruelty-free living by designing and executing programmes and events to foster awareness of and connection to animals as sentient beings. You will engage in animal advocacy work by organising and implementing various educational initiatives and programmes.

Roles and Responsibilities:

    • Develop new educational outreach materials.
    • Maintain and update materials for in-person delivery, social media, etc.
    • Supervise and mentor community groups/volunteers/students in the development and delivery of educational messages.
    • Arrange educational outreach programmes and liaise with schools, community groups, etc.
    • Recruit and maintain education volunteers.
    • Organise and execute public roadshows and events.
    • Deliver educational programmes to audiences of all ages. This includes talks and hands-on activities.
    • Deliver educational messages through multiple channels (e.g. live-streaming, social media, etc.)
    • Maintain merchandise inventory.
    • Upkeep the Education Centre.


    • Knowledge of local wildlife protection and farm animal issues will be an advantage.
    • Previous teaching / outreach experience (volunteer/professional) will be an advantage.
    • Knowledge of animal protection issues an advantage
    • Able to start immediately.

Monthly salary (including allowances) before CPF contributions: $1,580 during first 3 months’ probation.
$1,780 after probation and eligible for quarterly performance bonus of up to $450.

Please email your cover letter, CV and a writing sample to We regret to inform that only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

(Posted 23 Jan 2022)