Job openings with ACRES


Please read this section thoroughly before applying for positions at ACRES

ACRES’ vision is A world where animals are treated with compassion and respect.” A powerful way to create such a world is to be the change, and role-model compassion and respect to animals and people. Then people learn compassion and respect through receiving it from us and observing us. This includes our colleagues, volunteers, members of the public and other stakeholders. Hence, working at ACRES isn’t a job, but a calling.

This approach of being the change also applies to one of our objectives which is to educate people on lifestyle choices which do not involve the abuse of animals and which are environment-friendly”. So we strive for our lifestyles to also be aligned around this objective.

We also look for these strengths in all staff so we co-create a positive work culture:

  • Has positive relationships and healthy communications with diversity of people. For example, they listen empathetically, appreciate, forgive, apologise and help each other.
  • Have a proactive, positive service orientation towards colleagues, volunteers, members of the public and other stakeholders.
  • Handle interpersonal tension and conflict situations compassionately and respectfully, striving for win-win solutions as much as possible.
  • Manage own emotions in healthy and effective ways.
  • Strong orientation to learning and growing in various ways such as being open and receptive to feedback, self-study, peer-learning, formal learning opportunities, learning from success, mistakes and failures.

Today, our small team of staff and volunteers continues to help the helpless and give voice to the voiceless, touching one life at a time. In summary,
– We save lives, big and small.
– We try out best to give care and sanctuary to those who need it.
– We share their stories with thousands online and in-person.
– We educate, so that we might one day be out of a job.

Our work can seem messy, but where it matters we get s*** done. You show up to work not for the perks, but to live your passion, even when it ain’t pretty; for the animals, for the community, for each other.

ACRES Wildlife Rescue Centre and our office is nestled in one of the few remaining rustic areas of Singapore, surrounded by farms in Sungei Tengah. With the nearest bus stop 20 minutes walk away, our working hours from 9:30am to 5pm (except wildlife rescue officer position) allow our team some travel time. Our simple non air-conditioned office is surrounded by nature – from wild birds, frogs, insects and plenty of vegetation. In addition to our office dog Mocha, your desk might be occasionally visited by some resident chickens, motivating you more towards the cause we serve!

At the heart of our work and vision is the desire to prevent animal suffering and promote compassion, respect, and the need to be kind and responsible stewards. Aligned with this principle, ACRES upholds our commitment to the animals through a policy that prohibits the consumption of meat and seafood on our premises, whether by our staff, volunteers, or visitors, including instances where they are representing ACRES or utilizing ACRES’s vehicles. We hold steadfast in our commitment through a fully vegan menu during ACRES-sponsored events, including staff gatherings. With these initiatives, we hope to minimise animal suffering, nurture dialogues, and uphold our dedication to wholeheartedly serving animals and the individuals who love them.

The positions are only open to Singaporeans / PRs.

We regret that only shortlisted candidates will be notified.

[FULL-TIME] Operations and Facilities Management Executive (aka Smooth Operator)

To enable our workplace to be a place we love coming to and serving the animals with ease and smoothness.

What will you do?

  • Ensure smooth operations of ACRES through maintenance of the premises, vehicles and operations of the facility
  • Strategise improvements to the premises and its maintenance by working closely with ACRES volunteers
  • Ensure compliance with safety and quality assurance of our fleet of vehicles and premises.
  • Report directly to the two Co-CEOs of the organisation.

How will you do it? (Responsibilities and Duties)

  • Coordination
    • Liaise with vendors and contractors to ensure periodic upkeep of landscape, roof, security systems, vehicles, utilities, equipment and structures.
    • Liaise and work with volunteers onsite for landscape upkeep on a monthly basis.
    • Liaise with other team members to ensure that the wish list is kept up to-date.
  • Communication
    • Strategise and communicate with the staff to ensure renewal of insurance, inspection and road taxes of vehicles are done on time.
    • Prepare proposal for improvements and repairs to the premises and structures.
    • Communicate positively and collaboratively with vendors, contractors, volunteers, colleagues so that work gets done effectively and people feel respected, understood and appreciated. Where assertiveness is needed, it is done with care.
  • Collection and Care
    • Upkeep and maintenance of store room supplies
    • Maintain asset register
    • Arrange for in-kind donations collection for the organisation.
    • Ensure that all operational functions are in compliance with local regulations.

What strengths, qualifications and requirements do you need? Please see our introductory section for what is expected of all ACRES staff on top of this page.

In addition, we need someone who is

  • Detail and improvement-oriented; proactive, organised, planful and prevents problems; excellent in nurturing positive relationships with vendors, contractors, volunteers, colleagues and others.
  • Proficient in English; able to respond to and compose emails
  • Able to work on weekends/public holidays when needed (for eg, volunteer maintenance days – Time Off in-lieu available)
  • Able to work from office. This position is not suitable for work from home arrangements.
  • Safe driver with Class 3 driving license a requirement
  • Experience in facilities management an advantage
  • Able to carry out physical labour where needed

Monthly salary: $1,930 (probation), $2,130 (post-probation)* before bonus. Eligible and interested applicants, please submit your application here

*Amounts are before CPF deduction and bonus (subject to performance). Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for an interview.

[FULL-TIME] Wildlife Rescue Officer (aka the Wild Steward)

The Wildlife Rescue Officer will respond swiftly to distressed wildlife, caring for and relocating wild animals in line with ACRES SOPs. They work diligently, providing vital animal care and supporting rehabilitation efforts at our Wildlife Rescue Centre.

What will you do?

In our recent financial year, ACRES 24-hour wildlife rescue hotline handled over 14,000 calls to help distressed wildlife. The escalating need for assistance and educative rescues on the ground, necessitates a team who is fully equipped and able to deliver as much as possible. As a Wildlife Rescue Officer, your core responsibilities encompass wildlife rescue operations and strategic relocation efforts, meticulously aligned with ACRES’s established Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). Concurrently, your role will extend to providing valuable assistance at our Wildlife Rescue Centre.

How will you do it? (Responsibilities and Duties)

  • Emergency Response: Promptly respond to wildlife rescue calls through the designated hotline, prioritizing timely and appropriate action.
  • Animal Care and Rehabilitation: Perform comprehensive daily care duties for rescued animals, including enclosure maintenance, food preparation, and providing necessary enrichment activities.
  • Veterinary Assistance: Assist in the safe handling and treatment procedures for rescued wild animals, adhering to established medical protocols and guidelines.
  • Documentation and Record-Keeping: Maintain accurate and detailed records of rescue cases and daily activities, ensuring proper documentation for reference and reporting purposes.
  • Coordination and Liaison: Collaborate and liaise with relevant authorities for the safe release and transfer of animals, following established wildlife rehabilitation protocols and guidelines.
  • Wildlife Rescue Centre Support: Provide valuable assistance and support at the Wildlife Rescue Centre, contributing to the overall mission of wildlife recovery and rehabilitation.

What strengths, qualifications and requirements do you need? Please see our introductory section for what is expected of all ACRES staff on top of this page.

In addition, we need someone who is:

  • Able to communicate clearly in English, and use whatsapp messenger effectively to share updates with the team
  • Confident, non-violent assertive approach in clearly communicating the message while advocating for the animals.
  • An individual with a strong sense of reliability and a positive demeanor, capable of facilitating, engaging, and fostering connections with volunteers and staff members.
  • Flexible in handling unexpected situations and varying needs of various wildlife rescue scenarios.
  • Able to efficiently manage and prioritise tasks to ensure delivery of the responsibilities.
  • Available to work during weekends, public holidays, and night shifts as required by the roster, showcasing commitment to the role and organizational needs.
  • Able to learn safe handling wild animals, including tortoises, turtles, lizards, snakes, mammals, and birds, ensuring the well-being and comfort of the animals in care.
  • Physically fit to work long hours, up to 30 hours including stand-by at night.
  • Safe driver with Class 3 license a requirement

Monthly salary: $2,680 (probation), $2,880 (post-probation)* before bonus. Eligible and interested applicants, please submit your application here.

*Amounts are before CPF deduction and bonus (subject to performance). Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for an interview.