team wildlife rescue

Wildlife Rescue

Follow our rescuer officers who man our 24-hour Wildlife Rescue Hotline and oversee human-wildlife conflict issues in Singapore to create much-needed awareness. In addition, native wildlife who may be injured, orphaned or displaced may require help toward rehabilitation and/or release.

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team wildlife sanctuary

Wildlife Sanctuary

The wild animals rescued at our Wildlife Sanctuary are all victims of the illegal exotic pet trade, and have suffered greatly. At our Outdoor Sanctuary Area, they enjoy a second chance at life, in naturalistic open enclosures. But it takes a lot more than a nice home to keep them happy and healthy. Whatever their shape, size or species, our foreign guests deserve a comfortably ‘wild’ stay. Members of Team Wildlife Sanctuary provide daily care for the animals, and are tasked with thinking of new ways to keep life interesting for them through behavioural enrichment.

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Team Fundraising is a melting pot of fundraisers, designers, creatives, and event organisers. The lifeblood of our work and campaigns lies in your hands. Lend your talents to the fundraising activities of your choice, and directly enable ACRES to bring animal protection to greater heights this year!

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Project Volunteer based

Project-based volunteering (Recommended for VIA & Service Learning)

We have a selection of projects that are recommended and suitable for fulfilling your VIA (Value In Action) & Service Learning hours.

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Team Roadshow


If you have a flair for acting, dance, comedy, puppeteering, or would like to play a quieter but equally important role talking to people and spreading the word on animal protection, click here and sign up now for Team Roadshow!

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Volunteers from Abroad

If you are planning a trip to Singapore and you are looking for volunteering opportunities, consider volunteering for the animals right here at our ACRES Wildlife Rescue Centre. We cater to friends from any country, as long as you have a love for animals.

Please browse through our International Volunteering Programme Brief below. If you are keen to sign up, please drop an email to

Programme Brief