Making a Contribution to your Charity with Policy Gifting

Policy Gifting is a concept that is popular in western countries. It allows people to make a significant contribution to a charity that they are supportive of and passionate about. It is done by a person nominating or assigning their insurance policy to their choice charity.

How can this have an impact on ACRES?

Magnifying your contribution

We are all familiar with a life insurance policy; it is a financial instrument that can provide a lump sum when we walk out of life. Normally this is used to provide financial protection for our loved ones. In fact, you can also use it for your beloved charity!

For example, when you purchase a policy and make ACRES the beneficiary, you could have created a lump sum proceed far greater than the combined regular donations you would have made. This magnifies your support and enables ACRES to continue our efforts to promote animal welfare in Singapore.

Systematic and organised way of contribution

Many have the belief that Policy Gifting can only benefit their charity after their death: Not entirely true.

Policy gifting itself is a concept of giving that can be facilitated by different kind of policies. A kind of unique insurance policy is called anticipated endowment, more commonly known as a Saving Plan, with regular coupon returns.

By channelling the coupons directly to charity’s account, you can organise your donation in a very systematic and organised manner. When the Saving Plan matures, you may donate the entire proceeds to your charity.

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