Grant Us A Wish This Year

A great deal of equipment is needed for the day to day running of the ACRES Wildlife Rescue Centre (AWRC) as well as for the ACRES office and our ongoing campaigns. If we can get these items donated (second-hand in good condition is fine), it means that more of the funds raised can go directly to the animals.

If you can spare any of the following item/s, please contact the email addresses specified in each of the categories below, or call us at +65 68929821. As we have limited manpower, it would be great if you could drop off the items at the AWRC. If not, we can arrange to collect them from you. We encourage you to donate items that are cruelty free.

Be our angel and watch over us so that we can watch over our animal friends. Even the smallest of donations make the biggest of difference to us. On behalf of the animals, thank you!

Items needed on a continuous basis

Vouchers/Goods: (

  1. Fuel vouchers (Diesel for our rescue and education vans).
  2. Supermarket gift vouchers to buy food for animals.
  3. Gift vouchers from electrical appliances/furniture shops.
  4. Gift vouchers from pet shops to buy treats or food for ACRES’ dogs. (that do not sell live animals).
  5. Gift hampers for lucky draws/ACRES events.


For the animals: (

  1. Filter wools (brand new) for our turtles.
  2. 1ml and 3ml syringes.
  3. Surgical face masks.
  4. Non-powdered latex and nitrile gloves (all sizes are welcome).
  5. Cable ties of different sizes.
  6. Ziploc bags.
  7. Stapler free newspapers.
  8. Bedding (clean cotton sheets, rugs only please)
  9. Staples-free newspapers.
  10. Used water pumps.


Office equipment/stationery: (

  1. Cartridges for our printers:
    • Canon ImageCLASS MF8580Cdw (Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow Toner Cartridge 418)
  2. Stick glue, stapler pins.
  3. Micro SD Cards (For Digital Cameras) of 8GB and above for investigations and documentations.
  4. A4 laminating pouches.


ACRES Wildlife Rescue Centre (AWRC) grounds: (

  1. Organic fertiliser for our plants and trees.
  2. Cotton gloves and/or gardening gloves.


Household (Environmentally friendly): (

  1. Toilet rolls and kitchen rolls.
  2. Trash bags (medium and large size only)
  3. Dishwashing sponges/scouring pads.
  4. Cleaning cloth/rags.
  5. Moth balls.
  6. Rubber kitchen gloves (medium size).
  7. Mosquito repellent (natural products such as neem etc.)
  8. Rat repellent (natural products such as pandan, neem, mint mixtures etc.)
  9. Tea and coffee, sugar and non-dairy creamer.
  10. Grain-free dog treats.
  11. Cleaning solutions: (Environmentally friendly and not tested on animals; home prepared solutions are most welcome!)
    • Floor disinfectant.
    • Toilet cleaning liquids.
    • Laundry detergent.
    • Dishwashing liquid.
    • Handwash soap.
    • Kitchen cleaning solution to remove dirt and grease.

One-time donation items


  1. Goods van – 1 Nos.
  2. Gardening shears – 3 Nos.
  3. Hot water heater for volunteer bathrooms – 2 Nos.
  4. Coconut fibre soft brooms – 3 Nos.
  5. Tall 2 door Fridge and washing machine in good working condition.
  6. Outdoor spot lights – 5 Nos.
  7. Heavy duty trolley – 2 Nos.
  8. Stand fans – 5 Nos.
  9. Wall fans – 5 Nos.
  10. Contractors contacts who can help us with repair and maintenance works.


Office (

  1. Coin sorter (CC-1302 or CS-3320/3321) – 1 nos.
  2. Extension cords – 10 Nos.
  3. Multi- plug adaptors (2 pin/3 pin etc.) – 10 Nos.
  4. Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator Package with licence key – 2 Nos.
  5. Projector screen (foldable with stand) – 1 nos.
  6. Portfolio folders (A3 and A2 sizes) – 2 Nos.
  7. Clipboards (A4 size) – 50 pcs.


Animal Quarantine: (

  1. Vet weighing scale (3 – 70 kg capacity) – 1 Nos.
  2. Steel cabinets with door and wheels – 3 Nos.
  3. Food preparation steel tables with wheels – 2 Nos.
  4. X-ray machine and processor – 1 Nos.
  5. Steel surgery table – 1 Nos.
  6. Reptile heating mats – 10 Nos.
  7. UV bulbs for reptiles with clamps and wiring – 30 Nos.
  8. Infrared heat bulbs with clamps and wiring – 30 Nos.
  9. Stand alone mist fan – 2 Nos.
  10. Koi ponds of varying sizes (at least 1.5 m in length)
  11. Wheelbarrows – 2 nos.
  12. Wireless CCTV camera for observation – 8 Nos.
  13. Power saw – 1 Nos.
  14. Other power tools.
  15. Potted plants/Trees.