Louis Ng

Chief Executive

Anbarasi Boopal (Anbu)

Deputy Chief Executive

Amy Corrigan

Group Director Advocacy

Kalai Vanan S/O Balakrishnan

Deputy Chief Executive

Charlene Tan

Head Communications

Gretchen Ong

Head Volunteer Programmes

Sofiya Shukhova

Communications Executive

Joe Kam

Campaigns Executive

Sumita Thiagarajan

Education Executive

Edwina Lim

Education Executive

Joshua Ambrose

Wildlife Rescue Officer

Eugene Chia

Wildlife Rescue Officer

Raj Kumar

Wildlife Rescue Officer

Carmen Choong

Wildlife Rescue Officer

Dr. Venisri Prithivi Raj (DVM)


ACRES Executive Committee

Adj Associate Professor T Umapathi


Senior Consultant Neurologist at National Neuroscience Institute. An animal and nature lover and activist.

Pomp H. Wong


Noelle Seet


Alpana Ahuja


Andrew Tay


I am a self-employed nature education consultant, and have been in this field of work since 1994, when I worked as executive and education officer for the Nature Society (Singapore) for about twelve years.