$ 25.00


Animal-Friendly Person
Guaranteed to be compassionate to pangolins, civets, toads, crabs, cats tortoises, turtles, pythons, crows, bats, pigeons, monitor lizards, koels, moths, crocodiles, chickens, colugos, squirrels, sharks, ducks, monkeys, frogs, sheep, butterflies, shrews, cobras, caterpillars, skinks, vipers, geckos, mynahs, jungle fowl, goats, otters, dracos, hornbills dogs, tree snakes, wild pigs and more.


Product Description

Dri-fit; round-neck (unisex)

Size Shoulder Chest Sleeve length Body length
XS 16 36 7.5 25
S 17 38 8 26
M 18 40 8.5 27
L 19 42 9 28
XL 20 44 9.5 29


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